Leadership Development

A leader's self knowledge and understanding bears a direct relationship to his/her ability to lead others.

To be a leader you must have people willing to be led by you.

Effective leadership can be measured by the degree to which both leader and follower accept their dependence upon each other.

Effective leadership can be measured by the degree to which both leader and follower accept their dependence upon each other.

Leadership is not about position; it is about the responsible exercising of personal authority.

Leadership is more about whether the leader is worthy of the trust that others place in him/her than the happenstance that they do.

Leaders who create dependent followers are in danger of abrogating their stewardship responsibility to their organization or institution.

Leadership Development is one of our core competencies. Our experience of working with Senior Managers and Executives goes back many years and across a broad spectrum of industries, sectors and countries. The combination of our continually developing experiential learning methodologies, our design and facilitation competence, and our deep knowledge of the leadership challenges facing senior Company and Institutional leaders, makes us world-class innovators in leadership development.

Our unique design structures ensure that all our programmes, whether commissioned to meet specific client needs or presented on a public platform, far exceed the conditions required to optimize adult learning:

Participant centered

Participants are responsible for and in management of their own learning

Each participant's personal learning objectives and needs are catered for by pre-programme planning adjustment during the programme and post-programme feedback and coaching

90% of the learning is experiential

Each participant's reality is simulated for his/her specific learning objectives

Objective facilitator feedback which may be accepted or rejected

Peer feedback which may be accepted or rejected

Continual self-assessment through both objective and subjective measures

Simulation of the multi-layered complexity of "real life", which provides choices around depth of learning and stimulation to new learning in a broad variety of situations

Continuous opportunity for participants to draw upon all of their inner resources - intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual

Clear role boundaries

Programme and process flexibility that adjusts to the participants evolving learning needs

The creation of a learning environment of psychological safety and ethical boundaries

The provision of on-going coaching if desired

'The man who gets the most satisfactory results is not always the man with the most brilliant single mind, but rather the man who can best co-ordinate the brains and talents of his associates.'
W. Alton Jones

'Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.'
Thomas J. Watson

'Asking 'who ought to be the boss' is like asking 'who ought to be the tenor in the quartet?' Obviously, the man who can sing tenor.'
Henry Ford

'Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.'
Vincent Van Gogh

'I have to follow them, I am their leader.'
Alexandre-Auguste Ledru-Rollin, attributed
Participant Feedback
'I would particularly like to thank you for the way in which you changed the whole direction of my life through the Leadership Development Programme which opened my eyes and made me look at myself and others in a much more sensible manner. I feel that I have been a better person as a result, and if I have been able to affect other people's lives positively in a small way subsequently, you should get some of the credit.'
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