The "Human Side" of effective Corporate Governance

Courage is Grace under Pressure
Ernest Hemingway

Do you suspect the existence of hidden agendas on your Board, but don't know what to do about it?
Do you feel you are ignored when you attempt to make a contribution?
Do you feel overawed by the Chairperson of the board?
Are there two or three Directors that to you seem to make all the decisions, no matter what others say?
Do you find it difficult to speak up when you know you should?
Do you feel others frequently change the subject after you have raised what you think is an important point?

No number of rules and regulations, no matter how detailed and explicit, will take the place of your and your co-Directors' need to exercise responsible personal authority for effective corporate governance to be practised and maintained by your Board.

We pool all of our experience and expertise in Leadership Development, Behavioural Skills Training and Process Design and Facilitation to provide unique development programmes to both the composite Board and to individual Directors. We can help you to:

  • Ensure that your Board functions cohesively while maintaining openness to and effective management of difference of opinion, disagreement and conflict.

  • Ensure that each and every Director is armed with the skills to exercise his/her personal authority within the context of his/her responsibilities as a Director - even when the going gets tough.

  • Offer new Directors the knowledge and skills to take up their role with confidence and ensure their integration with other Board members in the shortest possible time.

Our strategic partnering allows us to provide associated and integrated Corporate Risk Assessments. These identify, measure, assess and prioritise risks that prevent organizations from achieving their objectives. Our partnering also allows us to develop and implement appropriate strategic, operational, process and cultural risk frameworks. Enterprise risk management assists clients in linking strategy to business objectives, related risks and associated controls.

'Life is the acceptance of responsibilities or their evasion; it is a business of meeting obligations or avoiding them. To every man the choice is continually being offered, and by the manner of his choosing you may fairly measure him.'
Ben Ames Williams

'Nam tua res agitur, paries cum proximus ardet.'- 'When your neighbour's wall is on fire, it becomes your business.'
Horace, Epistles, I. xviii. 84

'When you are labouring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself.'

I repeat . . . that all power is a trust - that we are accountable for its exercise - that, from the people, and for the people, all springs, and all must exist.
Benjamin Disraeli, Vivian Grey, Bk vi. Ch. 7

Are you sure you understand your role as a Director? Take our Corporate Governance Test.
'You must be the change you wish to see in the world.'
Mahatma (Mohandas Karamchand) Gandhi
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