Behavioural Skills Training

Are you sure your Customer Relationship Managers are following through on your CRM Strategies?

Are your Sales Reps winning enough new business to meet your sales targets?

Are your Managers and Supervisors sufficiently motivated & skilled to motivate and develop their culturally diverse employees into outstanding performers?

Are your Project Managers adequately skilled in leading their teams to successful achievement of their objective on time and within budget?

Does your Management Team have problems functioning as a cohesive team continuously focused on their common goals?

We are noted for our unique experience and expertise in the design, development and facilitation of behavioural skills that enhance both human relations and performance in all settings of human endeavour.

Grounded in the belief that every person is a unique and separate individual with worth and potential, our approach is based on experiential learning techniques, supported by appropriate assessment tools, which encourages learners to draw upon all their inner resources - intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual - in working with their personal development objectives and aligning these with the performance requirements of the environments in which they work.

We design to meet and match the specific needs and culture of our clients. We have proven success in leadership development, management and supervisory skills, education, sales and marketing, counselling and coaching, consulting, and an extensive range of group and inter-group processes.

Drawing upon our 25 years of experience and research across a wide range of industries and sectors, we are also able to offer facilitators and trainers a unique and eclectic skills learning programme.

'Continuing to cling to the patterns you know inhibits your ability to discover what you don't know'

Eric Allenbaugh

Participant Feedback

"Your Programme has probably been the most meaningful learning opportunity I have ever been exposed to."

'It is greed to do all the talking but not to want to listen at all.'

Democitus of Abdera

'Many things difficult to design prove easy to performance.'

Dr Samuel Johnson

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